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BMACA Community Centre

One of our aspirations in the mid to long term is to have our own BMACA Community Centre, where we could accommodate our prayers, taraweeh, events, gatherings and various activities like; Quran & Arabic classes, Tajweed, Halaqa, children’s club, etc. This would enable us to attract more members, host more activities and possibly offer new services to our members such as; a nursery, library, etc.   

Though last year we succeeded in launching a number of new initiatives and yet strengthened our financial position compared to previous years, we still need significant funding for such a dream to come true.

To this end, the trustees and I have instigated a new process to prudently monitor our budget without compromising the quantity or quality of our activities and services. We will also periodically monitor the property market till we find the ideal place for our centre inshaaAllah that would not overburden our treasury and undermine our ability to maintain and expand our activities or put our organisation at risk of bankruptcy.

Thus, we created this new bank account dedicated to this objective for your kind donations. The money saved in this account will not be used for any other purpose. 

We hope you see the value that such an endeavour could bring to BMACA and its members and that you share our passion to achieve this objective together inshaaAllah. May Allah accept sadaqatkom wa sale7 a3malakom.